The wiki's a mess

if u havent noticed.

I've requested for adminship on community central

but so far


I need to fix the bg.

it still has a watermark which is funny

it's stolen

i'll be editing the wiki's appearance and tool bar which currently, is p flickity flacking useless.

i already have a favicon at hand

it's of Cerberus lol

it's animated too.


(RIP Cherub)


I can't upload favicons

well anyways. the front page is ok for now. I haven't made a background yet. i plan to include cherub again as a mascot. but for now it's just cerberus. i think i'll have him present the rules once i've thought of some. currently i have:

- no reposting other people's work into the wiki

- no stealing art off the wiki

so yea. what else. idk. no one comes by here anyways so there's no need for etiquette related rules.

my fingers are tired. i grip my pen like my life depends on it. im really tired but it's fun. i also like to draw.

lmao i change my mind Cherub's color palette is a mess i don't want to include him anymore. Mascot's changed from Cherub to Cerberus now.

Cerberus is pronounced as Care-bear-us by the way you uneducated fluck. i dont want my child to be called Sir-bear-us.

anyways bye i hope i get that adminship soon so i can get started on renovating this mESS OF A WIKI

oh yea i'll change the header/banner/whatever of the wiki too. match it and make it cerberus themed.

yo im back. i made the graphic wordmark.


I think it looks ok. I placed because it looked nicer than wiki.

but ok. it's 12 am i should sleep. i'll make the bg tomorrow daijoubu.

it's 1 am. i didnt sleep lol. done with the bg


it should look like this:


so yeah.

just waiting for that adminship.

so i can change the wiki's theme

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