hi so first of all the most recent one (i just finished it),

Nice ok
comparison of the sketch i did with the reference.

The Girl With a Pearl Earring is a v popular piece. It's somehow considered the Mona Lisa of Northern Europe???? idk

Anyways yeah.

Next up if u missed the shoddy old version,

idk why but i really dislike this it looks rlly bad???? it bothers me a lot

In my traditional canon sketches, Adan was supposed to have an undercut but for some reason I changed that becaused idk

im an idiot

everything there is so misalligned his body twists a different way from his head and so do the clothes and the legs to the torso and im just?????

this is the worst???? I tried to clean it up but like yeah

Then like for the Nocturnes, I coloured the latest one a bit differently but stuck with the original in the end

The sweater is coloured a bit more lightly and more layers of colour for the hair i guess

The reason why the whole Nocturne thing exists in the first place is because i looked at the bob cut and the stripes on the first girl and started panicking, thinking it looked like Stephanie from Lazy Town

so i completely strayed away from my original intent of colouring it with pastel teals, yellow, pink, and orange. i went with a more sombre and cooler palette instead.

the background was sort of a last minute thing. i was going to leave it as all blue but nah

anyways yeah bye thank schon

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