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  • ArisuSyndrome

    charm speculations

    December 7, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome

    want to make a charm huhu

    tchaika and maurice 

    i was v tired from finals so doodled tchaika. decided to make a ravel one as well after finishing another finals project. just finished yet another finals project right now. im very tired. spiritually.

    anyways gonna research charm making yea might make it

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    non binary day!!

    July 15, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome

    my sexuality is a mess and i dont know if im gay or aroace or panro bUT


    ive never wanted to identify as either a boy or a girl as a child so there's that. got my gender straight and hell yeah am i proud of it. this is one thing i can claim for myself and oh man is it so satisying

    Anyways here are Matteo, Vanessa, and Leo for nonbinary day!

    most of my ocs are pretty androgynous and my repulsion towards identifying in a gender binary sometimes leaks towards my ocs but so far these are the only three i think who identify personally as nonbinary

    also the different art styles huhu

    matt is an angel like always

    vanessa and leo are v monochrome bless

    anyways thats all thanks!! ill upload cropped out versions in their page…

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    ive been using that group photo with ravel and vines as my background for a long time now so guess i wanted a new desktop bg.

    (speaking of vines i was absolutely knackered a while ago so i idly doodled him t posing in a t shirt and boxers and that was so off putting, seeing my boys in anything that isnt a suit)

    uhhhhhh extended that one doodle i made of oph and hor to fit in hamlet

    took me a couple of tries to get stuff right.

    There's attempt no. 1. I used it with fit on the personalization so there'd be white excess but i didnt like it much so i enlarged the background to fit in the canvas.

    attempt no. 2 was better but then it felt off with hamlet being edgy and dressing in black black while hor and oph wore muted maroon and navy

    So I ended up …

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    it's finally spring break and our dm decided to start a new campaign so dungeons and dragons is relevant again.

    ive been doodling our party a lot uhhhhhh

    so let me introduce Panem Vi

    First is Ayla, our tiefling fighter. She's sort of the leader ay lmao. Dual wielder with ptsd from giants (she's died thrice from them now and it's only our???? fourth? fifth sessions??). 20 base charisma also swishes her tail a lot.

    Uh second is Bryn. He sort of fell from a bridge and maybe died. He's missing and I think the party is trying to find him but who knows. Aloof, never was rlly close with the party, elf gunslinger, considered adentum his rival bc adentum is a better shot. also wore a gasmask and goggles to be edgy.


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  • ArisuSyndrome

    basque boys

    April 21, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome

    redid the shading on that one doodle of baste. heres the original anyways

    such a pretty boy.

    anyways yea. it's abt two boys who meet on the train. uh. baste's from donostia and jean's from donibane lohizune. hah. san sebastian and saint-jean-de-luz. i think im funny. jean's an author who studies literature in paris and goes to madrid to take creative writing lessons from his professor's close friend for the summer. sebastian is coincidentally going to the same university next semester and hops on a train to madrid to find accomodations there and check out the campus in general.

    they meet in a train where jean writes abt the pretty boy seated across him and sebastian feigns ignorance and pretends not to notice the cute boy stealing glances at …

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