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  • ArisuSyndrome

    basque boys

    April 21, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome

    redid the shading on that one doodle of baste. heres the original anyways

    such a pretty boy.

    anyways yea. it's abt two boys who meet on the train. uh. baste's from donostia and jean's from donibane lohizune. hah. san sebastian and saint-jean-de-luz. i think im funny. jean's an author who studies literature in paris and goes to madrid to take creative writing lessons from his professor's close friend for the summer. sebastian is coincidentally going to the same university next semester and hops on a train to madrid to find accomodations there and check out the campus in general.

    they meet in a train where jean writes abt the pretty boy seated across him and sebastian feigns ignorance and pretends not to notice the cute boy stealing glances at …

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    ill do any more updates on the library on this post i guess.

    first of all i wanted to discuss.

    this terrifying height difference.

    That's more than a feet between them!!!

    idk if leo is just That short or if xianyu is just that inhumanly tall. like christ let me zoom out the full sketches to compare

    like !!!!!

    also leo's hair in that sketch is so floof.

    Anyways I never really actually talked abt the premise of the library. Basically it's originally set in Borges' The Library of Babel. Leonor had always longed for a family or any knowledge abt their origins. They join the Inquisitors to find out about their parents. Xianyu becomes their assigned partner. Gua is there bc all of his family were apparently past inquisitors.

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    stuff abt the week

    March 20, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome


    didnt draw digitally the past week

    i started keeping a journal. it's in french. i don't know much french neither am i learning it. it's just google translated-proofread via my french dictionary bc im not a master at the grammar but hey yeah.

    yesterday's entry was something like "I'm too tired to write, good night."

    i want to draw more fish people. more leonor and xianyu. tbh i never decided if gua or xianyu was the first name but i guess i just call him xianyu bc idk surname-first name rule. i dont even have a plan for what in the world gua and xianyu are written as. perhaps ill search now wait 栝仙玉 what do you think. It's more of Xian Yu than Xianyu but doesn't matter. Gua as the gua for a juniper tree then xian yu for immortal jade or…

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  • ArisuSyndrome


    March 3, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome

    spring vacation is near.

    i am moving back to the philippines in like idk a month. april 2.

    after 10 years abroad.

    10 years.

    thats a long time.

    anyways more time to draw!! Spring!!

    I've been focused on this painting recently.

    Yes, of Ravel, dear gods help me.

    I'm enjoying it.

    And knowing me, I can't draw Ravel without Vines. May God help me in that case. (As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Menuet Spectral and oh. Here comes Oisseux Tristes. I'm such trash.)

    (Menuet Spectral was written by Vines and dedicated to Ravel and Oiseaux Tristes vice-versa. Only Vines seemed to be the one to appreciate the Sad Birds back then anyways.)

    I could rant abt Vines and Ravel for a while or I could show you my crippling amount of WIPs.

    Here you go.

    Yikes. That's like.…

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    flattt and some stuff

    January 26, 2018 by ArisuSyndrome

    Flat colouring.

    Might do more sketches on old OCs and sht


    im uh


    so far im planning to draw

    Cafe Parade

    and uh


    Ravel and Vines


    Maurice Ravel and Ricardo Vines shading the Saint Marceux as stated in Vines' diary haha


    im a nerd ive been reading biographies lately 

    so yeah thats about it on my to draw list but like as for my schedule i want to er marathon the good place and uh watch the shape of water. thats about it. 

    (also i just watched act 1 of ballet russes' daphnis et chloe last week i feel enlightened might watch act 2 and 3 later and draw art of my goatherd boy and his shepherd gf)

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