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  • I live in Cello
  • My occupation is Cello
  • I am i like how you type in your gender and they dont make you choose between a binary
  • ArisuSyndrome

    literally nothing changes except i add mild shading.

    why did i do the ronald sketches in flat colour.

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    alternate of the ronald dood with balloons

    couldnt be bothered with bg so i made it transparent

    light source was weird and i couldnt be bothered to change the colouring

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    another extra version

    September 16, 2017 by ArisuSyndrome

    diff. colouring of the mika sketch i did

    i like the way the skin and the hair colour interact.

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    so with my recent buma sketch i saturated + lowered the color deepness and added more contrast after. coloured with an overlay layer. it still feels too saturated but idk. i felt like the original was too warm lmao.

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  • ArisuSyndrome

    different versions of this:

    Quite a bit as you can see. Had to think of how to crop it. Added a few trees on the final.

    I quite like this drwaing style. Quite sceptic about the colouring and I'll have to think how to shade it later on but I think it's nice.

    I've been thinking of how to make a good cartoon-ish style for a while now and finally ended up with this. Would've wanted to make the face more rounded but it seems okay enough.

    Anyways got to sleep. Gute Nacht.

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